Goldie Reed, Lifeboat Ale & Cider House, Margate, 14 March 2013.

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CCR 42: Tracklist
1st July 2013
I'm always intrigued by how themes sometimes emerge as I am putting the podcast together. In this episode there are several references to travelling across town and I think this reflects that I have been spending too much time away from home lately and not focussing on what's really important. New tracks include Teleman's 'Cristina' which has had a lot of airplay and which I adore, and 'Two Cities' by Steff Koeppen which has grown on me since I bought if from thier Bandcamp site. There's also something from Goldie Reed, who I've had the pleasure of seeing play at my local, and who is now gaining some critical acclaim and airplay on national radio. Add in the usual randon mix of old sounds, one very very old, and you have Cold Citrus 40...

Broken Arm - Cuddly Shark
Wet Highway - Growsound

Imaginary Friend - Rainbowfish
The Station - IST
Dr. Frankenfurter - Hooves
Sirens - The Folk Remedy
Bullets In The Bed - Thirty Pounds of Bone
What, What You Got? - Little Man Tate
The Raimbow - Talk Talk
Malin Bridge - Coloured Lines
Age of Consent - New Order
Uncertain Smile - MULE
Colossal Falafel - Rabbit Hole Revelations
Two Cities - Steff Koeppen and the Articles
Caroline - The Last Town Chorous
Up Against the Wall - Peter, Bjorn & John

Approx running time: 67 minutes



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