Jeffrey Lewis at Beacon Court Tavern, Gillingham, 8 September 2013.

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CCR 41: Tracklist
30th June 2013
I've been so so busy this this year that podcasting has had to take a backseat to college study and a social life that has become far too hectic for my liking. So consequently there is a ton of music to catch up on. I have disciplined myself and recorded two shows, one after another. This one includes the execllent Jeffrey Lewis who I was privelidged to see last year just up the road in Gillingham. Music comes from the strangest places including, on this show, something I heard on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs. Number 42 will follow very soon but, for now, here is Cold Citrus 41...

Backstabber - Ordinary Noise
Mosquito Mass Murderist - Jeffrey Lewis

Buck - The Cheap Motels
Paralysed - Emporer Gum
Donna - 10cc
You Haunt Me - The Machine Breakers
Sunu - Rising Appalachia and The Human Experience
Nothing's Changed - Tricky
Tennis Girls - Picturebox
9 - Föllakzoid
Poor Leno - Röyksopp
Sad Excuse for a Muse - Johnny West
Chips With Everything - Barbara Kay
Kimble - The Fall
Freshman Thesis - Thee More Shallows

Approx running time: 59 minutes



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