Thirty Pounds of Bone at the Lifeboat, Margate, 13th July 2012.

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CCR 38: Tracklist
31st August 2012
With a few more bands from the Lifeboat Thursday night music roster, with the end of the summer approaching and the nights drawing in its time to shine a little light with Cold Citrus 38...

Don't Let it Get Away - Jmo (Download)
Cotton - The Mountain Goats (Download)
To Be Frail Is To Begin To Be Free - Johnny West
Ghosts - Funke and the Two Tone Baby
European Monsoon - Pagan Wanderer Lu
Renovation - The Fruit Group?
Crack Shandy in the Harbour - Thirty Pounds of Bone (Download)
Mountain - The Harvey Girls
Whats In It For? - Avi Buffalo
In Your House - The Cure
Blackness Anthem - Teba feat. Crosby and Red Lion
Yellow Missing Signs - Someone Loves You Boris Yeltsin
I've Been Lost - PlusMinus
I Was A Lover - TV on the Radio
I Hate it that I Got What I Wanted - Clearlake

Approx running time: 63 minutes



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