Funke and the Two Tone Baby live at the Lifeboat, Margate. 1st March 2012

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CCR 37: Tracklist
11th July 2012
This month's podcast features two tracks from Johnny West who, back in March, very generously sent me a bunch of CD's all the way from Canada. I am forever indebted to the now sadly defuct CLLCT website for providing the platform that brought his music to my attention. More tracks will of course follow as I work my way through the CD's. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day! There is also a mini showcase of bands and artists who have played at the Lifeboat, my 'local' pub in Margate which hosts a regular music night on Thursdays. The stand out track from these is Darkest of Days by Funke and the Two Tone Baby. This boy should be going places. Grab yourself an ice cream and enjoy Cold Citrus 37...

Please Remember To Forget Me - Johnny West
Calvary Cross - The Stars of Heaven
Ritual Union - Little Dragon
Lovely Little Mess - Katamine
Duvet Song - Two Man Ting
Eye of the Storm - The Bubbleband
Darkest of Days - Funke & the Two Tone Baby
Harp for my Sweetheart - The Archie Bronson Outfit
Help Yourself - Sad Brad Smith
Cruel Intentions - Simian Mobile Disco
Genesis - Grimes
Concrete Mother - Gazelle Twin
For What Its Worth - Buffalo Springfield
An Avalanche in Hell - Johnny West
April 5th - Talk Talk

Approx running time: 66 minutes



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