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CCR 34: Tracklist
29th April 2011
The April podcast comes with a fair sprinkling of bad language which some listeners might find offensive to their ears. Personally I find Heart FM offensive and that has no swearing at all so each to their own. You will hear that I have royally cocked up the description of the penultimate track which is by Com Truise and is called Cyanide Sisters. This is the original version of the track that was available as free download in 2010, before the EP was repackaged and re-released in 2011. There is also another track, 'Problems', kindly sent to me by Jeremy from New York's Murder Mystery. So here is the rather profane Cold Citrus 34...

Please Take - Wire
Truth Will Out - Funkspace (Download)
A Charmed Life - Bang Bang Machine
Modern Art Gallery - Cheese on Bread (Download)
Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl - Shumai (Download)
Strayed - Kelly Hogan
In My Dreams - SCANNeRS
Gentle's The Word For A Happy Herd - New Zealand Dairy Ministries
Daily Bread - Safetyword
Harvest (within You) - Clinic
Woman Get Me A Beer, Beer Get Me a Woman - 8 Car train, 6 Car Station (Download)
Cottonmouth - Johnny West
Problems - Murder Mystery (Download)
Cyanide Sisters (Original Mix)- Com Truise
Sweet Bird of Truth - The The

Approx running time: 60 minutes


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