Johnny West at his piano. Photo By Kevin Kavanaugh from www.ourwindsor.ca

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CCR 33: Tracklist
28th April 2011
It is April which means it must be time for the March podcast! This was put together in March (honest) but, as usual the business of putting the web page in place delayed things a bit. Podcast includes a contribution from Johnny West, who kindly emailed me a track from his new album 'Medium Fi Love Songs for Mentally Unstable Young Lovers', and the long long overdue inclusion of a track sent to me by Jeremy from New York's Murder Mystery. Here then is Cold Citrus 33...

Bill Is Dead - The Fall
Fat Mouth - Johnny West
Run! - Entertainment for the Braindead
Relate the Tale - King Creosote
Turn Out The Light - Magic Mountain
Slap - Umek
I Am (If You Are) - Murder Mystery (Download)
NoSummr4U - oOooOO
Mother's Children Have a Hard Time - Blind Willy Johnson
Oh My God - Evilwitch
I See a Cloud - Misty's Big Adventure
Ghost - Bombay Bicycle Club
I'll Never Be The One To Break Your Heart - Brilliant Corners
Stephen - Black
Flame Into Being - Momus

Approx running time: 76 minutes


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