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CCR 27: Tracklist
20th October 2010
Back after far too long this is a collection of some new material and some that has been gathering virtual dust in the wings for an age. The Wye Oak track is a stand out and I must thank the Daytrotter Sessions website for making this available. They (and I) stongly implore you to take a look around their site. I was slightly annebriated whilst recording this episode but I think that it just adds to the fun.

Tunnels - Tyranasaurus Allen (Download)
What a Fucking Lovely Day - Stephen Merritt
A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off - The Magnetic Fields
Joy Division Oven Gloves - Half Man Half Biscuit
Spystick - King Creosote
Good Morning, Bubblegum - The Harvey Girls
Know Thyself - Jason Pegg
The Calcination of... - Scout Niblett
The Orchids - Pyschic TV (Download)
Sunshine Recorder - Boards of Canada
Oops! - Tipsy
Eggs - Jenny is a Girl
Atacama Disco - The Salvadors
Bury Me In Hawaii - The Brute Chorus

Approx running time: 70 minutes


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