Scout Niblett, London Borderline - 22 May 2008

 Scout Niblett at the Borderline, 22 May 2008

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CCR 26: Tracklist
16th September 2008
Recorded after my return to the UK in May 2008 this a collection of stuff that have been hanging round for far too long. Some of them were stumbled on whilst travelling and others accompanied me along the way. Errand Boy provided a particularly manic soundtrack to my wanderings in Chile and Bolivia. Scout Niblett is in there as hers was the first gig I got myself along to after returning to the UK. And there are few gems from the wonderful world of CLLCT...

Pretty Buildings - People In Planes
Grindcore She Wrote - Errand Boy
I Thought I Saw You In My Peripheral Vision - Seamonster
Moon Lake - Scout Niblett
Waking Life - Secret Owl Society (Download)
Twenty Two and the Charm of Gravity - Six Red Carpets (Download)
Desolación - Volador
Antarctica - The Penguin League
O Peter! (Won't You Hear My Mournful Strum) - Pagan Wanderer Lu
Hey, Little Sprout - The Harvey Girls
Three Women - Stereolab
Talkin' George Blues - Spirit and Dust
Weapons in Sand - The Stock Market Crash
Half Man Half Granary Thorax - Fila Brazilia
National Shite Day - Half Man Half Biscuit
The Girls - FPodBPod

Approx running time: 67 minutes


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