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CCR 30: Tracklist
20th January 2011
Well so far I've kept the at least one of my new year resolutions and this the product. Two podcasts in just over a week! I can't promise to keep up the pace although I'm hoping to get another one out before the end of the month. This episode is dedicated to January 20th, a date that is shoehorned into the lyrics of one of the tracks. This was found after hearing 6Music's Gideon Coe asking for listeners to send in suggestions for January themed songs. There is the usual mix of lo-fi, folk and trance in here along with the first of a number of neglected and almost forgotten 90's trance records that used to be staple of the Peel show. CW Stoneking, who's deceptively young age is only confirmed by the track not being recorded on a 1928 wax cylinder, is pure class. It's Cold Citrus 30...

Fortune Teller - Forest Fire
Sad Sad Feet - Cat Le Bon
Julie Ocean - The Undertones
Shake It Shake It - Thomas Tantrum
City Dweller - The Fall
Lost Souls in the Supermarket - McSleazy
Home - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
England Made Me - Black Box Recorder
Outside The Window [Ian's Remix]- Minimal Man
My Favourite Hat - Xerox Teens
Traffic Boom - Piero Piccioni
Dixon's Girl - Dessa
Darktown Strutters Blues - CW Stoneking
I Feel Love - Dengue Fever
Hello Darlin' - Fuzz Townshend
Tallulah - Allo Darlin'

Approx running time: 67 minutes


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