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CCR 23: Tracklist
10th October 2007
A selection of my favourite sounds from the Green Man and End of The Road festivals. And featuring my slacker selection of tunes to lounge to...

Klutz - King Creosote
Song For Dogs - Feedle (Stream)
I'd Rather Walk Than Run - Herman Dune
Elevator, Escalator, Stairs - Misty's Big Adventure
These Desks Won't Occupy Themselves - Pagan Wanderer Lu
Write You - Snoozer
Mole - Alec K Redfearn & The Eyesores (Download)
Telepathy - New Bethel
Blood Bleeds - The Helio Sequence (Download)
Cut My Wings - Seasick Steve (Download)
Sheffield Shanty - Monkey Swallows The Universe (Download)
A Brighter Beat - Malcolm Midddleton (Video Stream)

Approx running time: 56 minutes


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